Enjoy Friuli -


The dedicated team for incoming services in Italy at Punto Di Fuga Viaggi has prepared some specialty interest itineraries to help travellers to discover our small and unique region. The purpose is to celebrate the Italian Lifestyle of this area creating a complete experience behind and beyond the common paths and touristy routes. In detail, our programs include:

  • CULINARY TOURS: Tailor made itineraries, specialty Prosecco route, cooking classes and tasting and more

  • UNIQUE EXPERIENCES: Vespa tours, Fiat 500 tours, Sailing tours, Scuba Diving, Geology goers, Dog Sledding in Winter and more

  • GOLF experiences: traditional golf tours to complete discovery programs including Golf

  • ROMANCE: wedding packages, tailor-made weddings with, marriage proposal, honeymoon planning

  • SPECIAL OCCASION: family reunions, birthday parties,

  • BUSINESS: incentive planning, Team Building activities with a coach, congresses and Mice


There is a long-time dream behind our incoming services in Friuli Venezia Giulia whose name is EnjoyFriuli and dates back in the early years 2000. It is not about travelling, it is more experiencing and living a small precious region.


We can compare with the most known Italian travel locations because of the unique specialties with an exclusive no-touristy atmosphere that makes of Friuli Venezia Giulia a destination for the traveler’s goers rather than for tourists.


Enjoy Friuli at