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Is not about ideas. It is about making ideas happen.



In 1999, the pioneering idea of ​​"marriage as a tourist vehicle" led to the birth of the leading high-end service to combine destination wedding planning and tailored-made travel concierge.


The niche travel agency applies an innovative spirit of "groups of purpose" and "travel with me". It leads the incoming operations of The Event Fvg, and creates incoming high-end itineraries and honeymoons for WeddingItaly customers.


Innovation in marketing and communication through this niche agency that creates real events and tours to promote your company of Made in Italy products and services combining travel services and communication strategy. The Only agency that is both Travel and Marketing.

RE49 Italian Sustainable Shoes

The Footwear Italian brand of shoes made with iconic materials on the Circular Economy principles to reduce CO2 emission, avoid the use of raw materials, and save our planet from wasted materials. Applied technology with own property software with blockchain traceability and NFT

Edes Architettura

The pioneers of the wooden house and log-house in northern Italy, Edes was the first to develop an all-green policy in its marketing and products, far too ahead of current trends that see these essential issues.


We have accompanied visionary entrepreneurs through strategic and operational consultancy, for start-ups or existing companies with a focus on Marketing and Business Development


The entrepreneurial and strategic soul has always outlined Alberto Ciani actions both as founder of his companies and subsequently as co-founder of the other ventures. Punto di Fuga was born in 1999 from his love for travel, naming his first small travel agency, and then became the heart of all consultancies and innovative ventures. As an MBA and Luxury Brand Manager, he leads the team approach to innovation and development with a marketing wise approach, cultural intelligence, and empathy.

We participate in the development of innovative ideas preferring disruptive start-ups or niche high-end markets. We work cross-industry focusing on designing business models with the purpose to grow and be flexible for change. Our major skills are quick learning, adaptability, and strategic commitment.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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